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Bare-rooted fruit trees and hedging

Once the first frost arrives and leaves fall from the trees, bare-rooted trees can be lifted from the nursery fields. Reduced light levels and cooler temperatures mean deciduous plants begin to shut down and become dormant. This is a perfect time to transfer plants in a bare-rooted state and take advantage of the fact that they are less expensive to purchase than pot grown plants.

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Beautiful Spring Bulbs

When snowdrops, crocus and daffodils start to appear in the garden they bring a smile to our faces and the certain knowledge that spring is on its way. Their bright and cheerful blooms make bulbs essential in a well-planned garden. They offer a wide variety of colour and form, from bright, primary shades of Tulips to the delicate, pastel hues of Iris reticulate ‘Katherine Hodgkin’; and from the tall spikes of the Gladiolus byzantinus to the dainty bells of the smallest fritillary. Continue reading

Gap fillers for your border.

Foxgloves 084
Dead head Dahlias as the flowers go over and make sure the taller varieties are staked. Feed with a high potash feed once a week from midsummer to early autumn. When the foliage has been damaged by the first frosts, cut back the stems to 15cms, brush off the soil and lift out of the pots. Place them upside down in a frost-free place to dry naturally. Pack them in boxes of compost or sand, store over winter in a well-ventilated, frost-free place.   Water pots of lilies every day and apply a high-potash feed every 2 weeks. You may have to stake taller varieties in windy conditions.

Summer bedding will give weeks of Summer colour

summer bedding

Plan for your summer bedding plants


Fill the gaps in your borders with bedding plants such as Pansies, Violas, Angelonia, Nemesia, Verbena, Dianthus and Chrysanthemums. If you have a sunny spot plant some brightly coloured Gazanias.

For containers and pots that are still empty add some Geranium Fireworks or variegated Geraniums with coloured leaves to brighten up your patio. Try the new Climbing Geranium Antik in Scarlet, Pink or Orange.

Add Agryanthemums in pastel colours, Fuchsias in bright pinks and purples and Zinnias in bright yellow. Use Coleus with Dark leaves as a contrast to all these bright flowers. If you like dark leaves Begonia Glowing Embers with orange flowers or Begonia Dark Elegance with bright red flowers look stunning in a pot on their own

Use smaller 9cm pots of bedding plants to trail in hanging baskets or around the edge of containers and pots. Such as Felicia, Bidens, Fuchsia, Diascia, Petunias, Lysmachia, Plectranthus or Cuphea with their little red and black mouse-like flowers.

To keep your bedding plants, hanging baskets and containers and pots looking good water them and dead head them every day and feed them once a week.