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Extend Summer with these beautiful pots

Although September sees the beginning of autumn, more often than not the days remain warm and in reality we enjoy an extension of summer, so why not extend your summer garden. Attention to detail will keep the garden fresh and interesting in the weeks ahead. Continue dead heading to encourage more flowers. Cut back summer perennials which have finished flowering, lightly fork through the borders and remove weeds as you go.

Create a warm welcome.

Group an arrangement of planted up pots beside an entrance for late summer colour. Choose from architectural plants like Phormiums (New Zealand flax), planted with Lobelia ‘Russion Princess’, Dazzling Dahlias and New Guinea Impatiens.

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Star plant for August it’s got to be the Hydrangea

The Hydrangea has 80 or more species of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and climbers. They originated from woodland in East Asia, and North and South America. Bear this in mind when looking at the best place to plant them, as they will grow far better in similar conditions to that of their origin. They are mainly grown for their large, showy flowerheads but many have ornimental flaky, peeling bark, and attractive foliage with good Autumn colour. The flat, domed or conical flowerheads comprise corymbs or panicles of both tiny fertile flowers and larger sterile flowers with showy, petal-like sepals.

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