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Environmental Responsibility

Being mindful of the environment is of the upmost importance to us. That’s why we only work with sustainable suppliers who follow our ethos and do all we can to sell only sustainable plants and products.

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Our pledge to be green & sustainable

All of the plants we stock are grown in recyclable plastic pots, and we sell pots that are made from 100% recycled plastic. To help in our mission to be green and sustainable within the plant centre, we stock Happy compost which is 100% feat free and organic. All compost is bagged in fully recycled bags.

Plastic Pots | LovePlants


Nourishing your plants – and the earth

All plants and trees from LovePlants are grown in peat-free compost, which is made from sustainable, organic materials. Not only is this type of compost great as it’s peat-free solution is better for the environment, but it’s also fantastic for your garden. Peat-free compost is high in nutrients which promotes healthy, vivacious growth of your plants.

Compost | LovePlants


Plants that do good

Within our range of plants, we sell, and promote, plants that are beneficial to native pollinators. When you come in-store, we will not only help you select the best plants for your vision and space, but also those that welcome bees and pollinators into your garden, adding some stunning wildlife into your environment.

Plants Pollination | LovePlants


Protection for your garden & the environment

We promote and sell environmentally safe plant invigorators and pest control products at LovePlants. This helps us work towards encouraging the reduction of the use of harmful chemicals in your garden, supporting our environmental mission, too. As a business, we have reduced and eliminated, where possible, the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides at the plant centre.

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