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January Plant of the Month: Witch Hazel (Hamamelis)

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As the winter has tightened its grip on this month, it is perhaps difficult to think about what to plant in January. At Love Plants, our experts regularly think about which plants are suitable to be planted at different times of the year. To give that added support to our customers, we are going to nominate a plant each month as our Plant of the Month and provide some ideas about how it can be used in your garden.

Our January plant is the enchanting Witch Hazel, also known as Hamamelis. Selected by Harry from our team, this unique plant promises to be a beacon of fragrance and colour in the winter landscape.

Why Witch Hazel?

Witch Hazel, or Hamamelis, earns its place as the star of January for its incredible fragrance and the perfect burst of colour it brings to the dormant winter canvas. In the midst of the season where vibrant hues are scarce, Witch Hazel stands out as hardy, flowering gems, making them a must-have for every garden.

The Scented Symphony

One of the primary reasons Harry fell under the spell of the Witch Hazel is its enchanting fragrance. Amidst the crisp winter air, the blooms of Hamamelis emit an intoxicating aroma that captivates the senses. Imagine strolling through your garden in January, greeted by the sweet, spicy scent of Witch Hazel—it’s a sensory experience that defies the winter norm.

Hardy and Resilient

Hamamelis is renowned for its hardiness, enduring the winter elements with grace. A flowering plant that thrives in the colder months, it defies the common perception that winter gardens lack vitality.

How to care for Witch Hazel plants

Caring for Witch Hazel is a joy. Plant it in well-drained soil, preferably in a sunny or partially shaded spot. Regular watering is essential during dry spells, and a layer of ericaceous mulch around the base will help retain moisture. Embrace the low-maintenance nature of this captivating plant, allowing it to flourish and fill your garden with its aromatic presence.

Why not make the Witch Hazel your january plant of the month and experience the magic it brings, pop in and see us today. Our plant centre has plenty of these in stock alongside many other plants suitable for planting this winter. We recommend starting your plan for Spring and Summer now with our selection of Flowering bulbs and our Grow Your Own Seed Potatoes packs which are now in store!

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