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Bring colour into your garden all year

If you’re looking to have a colourful display of flowers that come back year after year, bulbs and seeds are a great an affordable option. An economical way of growing, bulbs are a sure-fire way to give quick results, whereas seeds may need a little more patience and attention. We have a wide selection of seasonal flowers and vegetable bulbs and seeds available.


Low maintenance garden plants

Bulbs and seeds are a simple and easy way to add colour and welcome wildlife into your garden. When choosing bulbs, depending on where you intend to plant, look for large bulbs – these will produce more flowers. Think about your garden arrangement and how your bulbs and seeds, once flowered, will look amongst accompanying plants to help you design your space.


Popular species

Bulbs and seeds are an economical way of growing flowers and food. At LovePlants we have a wide selection of seasonal flower and vegetable bulbs and seeds available. We stock Spring bulbs from late winter onwards including classing Spring favourites like snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils. In late Winter we also offer pre-grown potted bulbs to bring immediate colour into your garden.


Known mostly for their small, white, bell-shapes flowers, snowdrops can bloom as early as January, pushing through any weather that is thrown their way.


A common woodland flower, bluebells tend to flower from April onwards. Their unmistakable appearance makes for a beautiful colour range in your garden.


Ideal for borders, containers and general lawn planting, daffodils are the most popular spring flower with their yellow trumpet appearance.


Offering an array of stunning colours, gladioli add structure and elegance to your outdoor space. They are easy to grow and perfect for lighting up a sunny border area.


With so many varieties available, lilies have a scent, size and colour to suit any garden. Grown in the autumn, they will be in bloom in the early summer season.


Drought tolerant and easy to grow, dahlia’s present beautiful blooms throughout the summer, a great choice for beds, borders, and containers.


What you need to know


Once planted, water your bulbs and seeds regularly for up to six weeks.


Introduce feed as soon as you see shoots appear and stop once the foliage dies down.


Keep your plants looking tidy and promote growth of new buds by removing deadheads.

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