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Grow your own orchard with fruit trees

Fruit trees are the perfect addition for your garden, helping you to add some colour and life into your outdoor space with trees – and grow some delicious fruits! Choose from a range of sizes that will perfectly compliment your garden – some trees will even yield blossom and vivid foliage in the Autumn months!


Choosing the right fruit tree

With a wide selection available, it can be hard to know which fruit tree type to plant in your garden. When it comes to choosing the best type for your garden, we recommend you think about which fruits you enjoy eating – this will help you choose a tree that you will get the most enjoyment from.


Popular species

We have a wide range of fruit trees available at the plant centre so we can cater to almost any garden environment. When selecting the right species for you, talk the team who can discuss the spot in which you wish to plant the tree and provide advice on tree care.

Apple Tree

The everyday apple tree is among the top planted in the UK, and our most popular! With so many varieties to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Pear Tree

At LovePlants we have a wide selection of pear trees to choose from, which are actually one of the easiest fruit trees to grow in your garden!

Cherry Tree

As well as producing sweet, delicious fruit, cherry trees are fantastic ornamental plants, with blossom in the Spring and colourful foliage in the Autumn.

Damson Tree

Producing a reliable fruit that is perfect for making into jam, pies or crumbles, damson fruit trees are great for both small and larger spaces.

Gauge Tree

A variety of sweet, juicy plums that originate from Europe, gauge trees are great for new gardeners due to their quick growth and low maintenance.

Quince Tree

Easy to look after and available in a range of sizes, quince trees are a vibrant addition to any garden, producing aromatic, yellow fruit in Autumn.

Medlar Tree

Bearing a uniquely tasting fruit, the refined medlar tree is has a habit of spreading across a wider space, making them most suited to larger gardens.

Mulberry Tree

A rare find in a supermarket, mulberries are a tasty treat to grow from home. A very tolerant plant, they can even grow against walls if needed!

Plum Tree

A relatively easy plant to care for, our plum trees come in a multitude of varieties to choose from and are a great addition to any garden.

Citrus Tree

Primarily grown in an outdoor pot or inside over winter, citrus trees can vary from lemons to grapefruits and can produce fragrant flowers all year round.

Fig Tree

A dependable and beautiful plant, fig trees are easy to grow when on a sunny, south facing wall or a cold greenhouse.


What you need to know


Trees are best watered deeply but infrequently but increase watering during the summer.


Regular pruning can extend the life of your fruit tree and help identify any problems or diseases.


Encourage branch growth by spreading the branches – this also promotes bigger fruit production.