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Bring the Mediterranean into your garden

Contrary to popular believe, it is possible to grow beautiful and strong olive trees within your garden in the UK. This type of tree adapts well to our climate and can thrive in a wide range of weather scenarios, including harsh sunlight, high rainfall, and frosty conditions. Come rain or shine, you’ll have a touch of the Mediterranean in your garden.


Which olive tree for your garden

With a wide selection available, it can be hard to know which fruit tree type to plant in your garden. When it comes to choosing the best type for your garden, we recommend you think about which fruits you enjoy eating – this will help you choose a tree that you will get the most enjoyment from.


Popular species

We stock all European olive trees in a wide variety of sizes of standards and bush olives, including large, established, and mature specimens. Producing flavorful pickings, our range of olive trees has something for everyone.

Arbequina olive tree

This is a small olive tree which has a weeping habit. The olives produced from this tree are perfect for eating or making into olive oil.

Cipressino olive tree

This is a very hardy tree which grows in an upright position. It can withstand windy conditions and produces beautiful black olives.

Hojiblanca olive tree

This tree produces long branches that are adorned with leaves with a distinct white underside. This type produces long oval shaped olives that make great aperitifs.

Maurino olive tree

This tree type is typically found in Tuscany and although it does not produce as many olives, it is a great cross-pollinator and withstands in all weather conditions.

Picual olive tree

If making your own olive oil is on your agenda, this is the perfect olive tree type. It is a large tree which also self-fertilizing so requires minimal maintenance.


What you need to know

Wind protection

Although they’re very hardy, it’s important to protect your olive tree from wind. Consider some wind protection to protect the bark.


Olive trees need well-drained soil to thrive. When planting, ensure they have sufficient drainage and refrain from adding gravel or similar.


Olive trees are drought tolerant, but this doesn’t mean you should forgo watering them. Monitor the soil and water as needed.