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Rejuvenate your space

Bring your outdoor space to life with our selection of ornamental trees. From their visual appeal to preventing soil erosion, ornamental plants are a great way to improve your home aesthetics as well as contributing towards a greener planet.


Which ornamental tree for your garden

Ornamental trees are a great addition for small gardens as they allow you to make a huge impact without needing masses of space. When it comes to ensuring it looks great season to season, consider a type that has interesting changes in its foliage and bark such as autumnal colours in the colder months, changing to flowers in the springtime.


Popular species

We stock a wide selection of deciduous and evergreen ornamental trees such as Japanese maple, flowering cherries, mountain ash and willow. Speak to our friendly team of experts about your current garden and what you’re looking to achieve to find the best ornamental tree for your space.

Japanese Maple

These striking trees can provide a stunning focal point, and with the variety of sizes, leaf shapes, and colours available, there is a tree for any garden.

Flowering Cherry Tree

Also known as cherry blossom trees, these photogenic trees are renowned for their magnificent blossoms that come in an assortment of shades and forms.

Crab Apple

A popular tree for smaller gardens, the crab apple tree offers decorative autumn fruits as well as spring blossoms to brighten up your space.

Mountain Ash

Sometimes referred to as rowans, mountain ash trees are colourful ornamental trees that display beautiful flowers in the spring, and autumn foliage later in the year.


From the graceful weeping to the eye-catching twisted, the willow tree is renowned for its range of forms and variety of vibrant bark colours.


What you need to know


Keep on top of pruning your ornamental tree to help encourage flowering and fruits – but be careful of the buds!

Maintain size

Ornamental trees are planted to look a certain way or add a certain aesthetic, so they need to be well maintained to retain their size.


When pruning, ensure you remove older branches first to help rejuvenate your tree and maintain its height and shape.