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Tropical beauty all-year round

Bring a tropical feel to your outdoor space with our range of bold, hardy Palm Trees. Their dramatic fan-shaped leaves are especially suited to the British climate but can also tolerate temperatures ranging to below freezing! These colourful, lush trees will make an eye-catching feature in any garden.


Enjoy a taste of the tropical

Although palm trees can grow well within the UK, it’s important to ensure you choose the right palm tree as for certain species, a combination of damp soil and the typical cold weather can be damaging for some palm trees. When planting, look for a spot that gets a lot of sun. If you want low maintenance, look for types that don’t require lots of watering or pruning and that have a little fall leaves.


Popular species

We stock a wide range of hardy palm trees that thrive within the UK climate and can tolerate temperatures down to below freezing, as well as species that thrive in sheltered areas. From trachycarpus to cordyline, at LovePlants we hold a good choice of sizes to suit all gardens and budgets.


The trachycarpus is a beloved palm due to how well it can thrive in the cooler UK weather. Producing yellowish flowers in the summer, this palm will add an exotic appearance indoors or out.


Originating from the Mediterranean, the chamaerops palm tree displays distinctive leaves which spread out into a fan form and is remarkably easy to look after.


Native to New Zealand, the cordyline has grown in popularity throughout the UK. Along with their iconic sword-shaped leaves, they may produce perfumed flowers in the springtime.


What you need to know


Palm trees thrive in moist soil but be careful not to overwater as this can cause the palm fronds to discolour and ruin their beautiful aesthetic.

Plant Food

Palm trees have unique needs for nutrients that differs to some other tree types so it’s important you invest in the right fertilizer

Winter protection

During the winter months, protect your palm trees from cold winds and, if your trees are potted, keep the top covered to stop it from being waterlogged.