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Keep your garden buzzing with summer bedding

Add instant colour to your garden borders, baskets, and containers with bright summer bedding plants. Available in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and scents, we have something for every outdoor space.


Our Expertise

When selecting summer bedding plants, it’s important to consider where your sunnier areas are – and where the shadier areas are. Once you identify these spaces, you can ensure you select plants that relish the warm weather, and those that prefer the shade. Combine grasses and flowers together for a truly beautiful, ornate finish.


Popular species

We provide a broad choice of summer bedding plants, available in handy packs or individual 9cm pots. At the Plant Centre you’ll find a selection of classic favourites such as geraniums, fuchsias and lobelia. Not sure which summer bedding plants you should pair together? Speak to one of our experts at the Plant Centre for help on designing your perfect space.


Easy to grow and maintain, geraniums are available in an assortment of colours, shapes, and sizes. Great for borders, hanging baskets, walls, and fences.


Offering flowers from mid-summer all the way until autumn, fuchsias are beautiful plants that have a variety of forms, there’s one for every garden.


Ideal for brightening up a garden border or hanging basket, lobelia produces masses of flowers in the summer season, with foliage that vary from trailing stems to upright, bushy forms.


Producing bright, sunny coloured flowers, marigolds are great for both indoor and outdoor displays, bringing a touch of summer into your space.


Available in a range of varieties, petunias bring lots of beautiful colours to your garden. Flowering in either single or double blooms, they are great for any container or hanging basket.


Most recognized for their uniquely shaped petals and radiant colours, begonia’s will liven up your outdoor space.


What you need to know


During long spells of dry weather, it’s still important to keep your plants watered – especially during the summer months. Be mindful not to overwater any potted plants.


It’s natural for plants to wilt and develop dead heads, even in the warmer months and if they’re missing water. Remove spent deadheads to encourage new buds to form.


Invest in good fertilizer to ensure your bedding plants are getting all the nutrients they need. This will support their flowering and encourage strong growth.