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Winter Bedding Plants

The majority of bedding plants only bloom in the spring or summer seasons, with winter bedding plants you can extend your flowering season those extra months and keep the colour year-round.


Flowers aren’t just for Spring

Keeping your garden looking its best in the winter is not just about how you maintain it, but it’s also about the species of plants you pick. When selecting winter bedding plants, look at introducing early flowering plants, like snowdrops, which will bloom in the colder months and improve the aesthetics of your garden until the warmer months arrive.


Popular species

At LovePlants we stock pack bedding of a variety of winter favourites, such as violas and pansies. For more permanent, evergreen planting, we also recommend hardy cyclamen, bare root wallflowers and a selection of our year-round ‘tub and basket’ plants. Need some guidance? Visit our team at the Plant Centre to learn more about winter bedding plants.


Although smaller in size, violas are very versatile and will produce an abundance of flowers. Forming a trailing habit, they look great in hanging baskets or window boxes.


Growing from November into mid spring, pansies will bloom with large, colourful flowers that will add a pop of brightness to your garden.


A statuesque bedding plant, primroses will add a brightness to your garden with their variety of lively colours.


What you need to know


During long spells of dry weather, it’s still important to keep your plants watered – even during the winter months. Be mindful not to overwater any potted plants.


It’s natural for plants to wilt and develop dead heads as the cold months loom. As they develop, remove deadheads to encourage new buds to form.


Invest in good fertilizer to ensure your bedding plants are getting all the nutrients they need. This will support their flowering and encourage strong growth.