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Care for your Christmas Tree.

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Potted Christmas trees.

Keep your tree outside until you are ready to decorate it.

Do not place near direct source of heat i.e a radiator.

Water once a week ensuring enough water to soak through to the bottom of the pot.

After Christmas acclimatize tree before putting outside. I.e. in garage or protected area.

Plant out in garden or re-pot into a larger pot.

Feed during growing season.

Cut Christmas tree

  • Store tree in cool conditions away from the wind and sunlight.
  • Put the base of the tree in a bucket of water to prevent dehydration.
  • When you are ready to put your tree up you should cut 1cm – 2cm (1”) from the base of the tree before putting it in a stand that has watering holding facilities. By doing this you will have broken the natural seal on the base of the trunk and the tree will be able to take up as much water as it requires.
  • Before bringing your tree inside hold the tree up-right and bang the bottom of the tree onto the ground to remove any old needles.
  • Check the tree has water every day DO NOT allow it to dry out.
  • Once the tree is in its stand and in the correct spot remove the netting.

Avoid placing the tree near a fire or radiator (any direct heat source) as it will dry out and will drop it’s needles.

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