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Hello Plant Enthusiasts of Shrewsbury,

In the enchanting realm of gardening, winter challenges both you and your plants to weather the elements. It’s a journey that demands patience, gradually finding your rhythm as you prepare for the warmer months ahead. Yet, behold! Gardening in February brings with it a glimmer of light, signalling the approaching end of winter’s grip.



As we navigate through another winter month, the risk of frozen or waterlogged areas in your plot remains high. Here at Love Plants in Shrewsbury we can advise on the best trees to plant in February to enable you to seize the opportunity to optimize your garden space by planting new trees where conditions permit. Continue the tender care of your existing trees and shrubs, trimming and pruning in February helps to maintain their health for the months ahead. Trim back Cornus to reveal their winter stem colour when growth begins, which is especially noticeable on young stems. Mahonia and Viburnum conclude their flowering in February, so they will only need a slight trim.



In the resilient spirit of cultivating our plots, planting fruit trees in February enables you to utilise the untouched corners where suitable. Once your efforts bear fruit, turn your attention to pruning apples, pears, quinces, medlars, mulberries, and raspberries (especially those sown in autumn). A word of caution; resist the temptation to prune cherries and plums until mid-summer to avoid potential infections. Protect your precious fruit with Winter Tree Wash, available at Love Plants, to keep those pesky insects at bay.



Bid adieu to winter’s gloom, embrace February’s gardening jobs, and infuse your garden with a burst of colour. Elevate your space with pots of Primulas, Hellebores, and bulbs, casting away the remnants of winter’s sombre hues. The aptly named snowdrops, well-suited to our climate, can add a touch of elegance to your garden. Don’t forget the rhythmic pruning of your Wisteria by two buds for a magnificent bloom. Extend your care to roses, climbing roses, late summer clematis, and ornamental grasses.



While winter presents challenges, it gifts us the opportunity to triumph over weeds. With a dash of perseverance, set the stage for a thriving future. As the weather becomes slightly more favourable for plant growth, consider sowing seeds for broad beans, peas, celeriac, leeks, brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, parsnips, and salad leaves. Planting potatoes in February in old egg boxes gives you a head start, as it leaves them in a light, frost-free haven to ‘chit.’



Gardening in February, the month of shared love, is also a time to lavish attention on our green companions. Shower your fruit trees with bonemeal, available at Love Plants, for robust root development. Extend the same love to bushes, shrubs, and herbaceous borders, using manure or compost—weather permitting, of course. If the ground is frozen, exercise patience, and wait for a more suitable day to bestow your care upon the garden.


Remember, here at Love Plants Shrewsbury, we’re here to help with any small enquiries about your garden. And don’t forget to explore our selection of trees that may be perfect for your garden.

May your Love Plants journey this February be filled with flourishing blooms and thriving greens!


Happy gardening,

Love Plants Shrewsbury

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