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Jobs for June 2024

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At Love Plants garden centre in Shrewsbury, we look forward to welcoming you here during these warmer and sunnier days. The long-awaited summer months are always full of endless gardening opportunities in your garden. Here’s your personalised guide to June gardening jobs:


General Tips

Unfortunately, it is not just our plants that love the summer months, weeds revel in the heat too, flourishing in hotter temperatures. Stay ahead of the game by diligently hoeing off weeds and utilising the dry surface soil as mulch to curb water loss.

Opt for a slightly longer grass length when mowing your lawn to shield it from the sun’s rays, crucial for maintaining its lush green appearance. However, newly planted lawns demand regular watering as part of your June gardening jobs.

With temperatures soaring, parched soil becomes a concern. Keep a watchful eye on newly planted trees and shrubs, ensuring they receive adequate hydration, especially those in containers.



As frosty mornings bid farewell, June signals the safe transition of hanging baskets outdoors. Harden them off gradually over two to three weeks before proudly displaying them in the summer sunshine.

Make the most of the abundant sunshine to help stimulate new growth by deadheading plants like roses and oriental poppies. Pruning back the initial growth of hardy geraniums and pinching out Fuchsia tips encourages bushier, more prolific flowering.

Don’t delay in harvesting sweet peas as they bloom to prevent seed formation, ensuring continuous flowering throughout the season.



Celebrate the harvesting season by reaping the rewards of your hard work, as jobs to do in the garden in June also encompass vegetable picking including tender broad beans, peas, and crisp salad crops.

Savour the delightful flavours of early potatoes freshly dug from the earth, while garlic and onions signal their readiness for picking as their foliage begins to yellow.

Mindful of pesky pests like red asparagus beetles, promptly harvest asparagus before spears reach 20cm in height, allowing ferns to flourish for next year’s crop.



As fruits ripen to perfection, waste no time in gathering your harvest. Commence pruning plum and cherry trees, safeguarding cherry trees with nets to deter hungry blackbirds.

Discard any damaged fruit to preserve the quality of the remaining yield, a practice also recommended for ripe strawberries. Ensure consistent watering and nourishment for potted plants with a high-potash tomato liquid feed to promote robust growth and flowering.

For further insights and expert guidance on maintaining your garden’s appearance throughout the seasons, explore our other Gardening Guides at Love Plants in Shrewsbury.

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