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Fatsia Japonica

This tough evergreen with shiny, leathery leaves, is a native of the woodlands of Japan and Korea.

Fatsia is a forgiving plant, capable of surviving in deep shade, on a variety of soils including clay, but will be more vigorous in fertile soil with a regular supply of water.

Fatsias will also grow happily in a large container, with John Innes no 3 compost.

It does not however enjoy scorching sun or easterly winter winds.

All evergreens have an “autumn” when they drop their old leaves. For Fatsias this is mid to late summer, when the lower leaves turn yellow and drop. Remove some old branches in the winter, and new shoots will appear from the base.

Fatsias look fantastic as a specimen on their own, however they also work well as a backdrop for tropical planting schemes including Cannas, Crocosmia, and Dahlias.

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