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Winter Fruit Tree Care

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February is the ideal time to give your fruit trees a good once over and some special pampering to prepare them for the growing season to come.  While trees are dormant, check your trees over for any signs of damage or disease and prepare them spring.

February is the ideal time to treat your trees to a Vitax Winter Tree Wash!

Vitax Winter Tree Wash – Trowell Garden Centre

Vitax Winter Tree Wash

Grease, debris, dust and build up of other substances allow insects secure spots to lay their eggs. Using a winter wash will remove all unwanted debris on your tree, making the conditions less favourable for unwanted insects and reducing the need to use pesticides later in the year.

Applying Vitax Fruit Tree Grease or Provanto Boltac Greasebands to your fruit trees, after their winter wash, will help protect them from Winter moth caterpillars, Ants and Earwigs by acting as a barrier method to climbing insects and effectively trapping pests before they can damage your crop.

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Greaseband around tree trunk


Later in the season, from mid May onwards Agralan Coddling Moth Traps and Agralan Plum Fruit Moth Traps can be utilised to prevent maggot damage in apple, pear, plum, gage and damson crops.

Codling Moth and Plum Moth Traps | Dobies

Coddling moth maggot damage

A visual inspection of the trunk and branches will highlight any pruning that is required. Apple and pear trees may be pruned now, removing any dead or diseased growth, controlling shape and size and promoting good airflow through the branches.   All stone fruits must wait to be pruned in midsummer to avoid infection by a devastating fungal disease known as silver leaf.  Good quality, well maintained, clean and sharp, pruning tools are essential for a successful job.


Winter tree pruning

If necessary, pruning cuts or wounds to the trunk or branches can be sealed with Solabiol Arbrex Seal & Heal. This will protect the exposed wood from damp, frost, and harmful organisms.


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