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March Plant of the Month: Camellia

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Here at Love Plants Garden centre we are thrilled to introduce you to our March plant of the month: the stunning Camellia. Handpicked by our knowledgeable team member, Gary. The Camellia plant is a true gem in any garden. As you can see from the picture, it is not just a reliable addition, but also a very beautiful one as well.

Camellia bushes are renowned for their exquisite display of blooms, with glossy dark green leaves, from early to mid-spring. These shrubs thrive in partial or dappled shade and prefer acidic soil, making them a versatile addition to any garden landscape.

To ensure your camellias thrive, our experts recommend a few simple care tips. Give them a boost with ericaceous feed in mid-spring and early summer, and don’t forget to apply a mulch in spring for added nourishment. If you’re considering container gardening, camellias are an excellent choice; just be sure to use ericaceous compost for optimal results.

During the summer months, it is essential to keep your camellias well-watered to prevent bud drop. You should never allow the soil to dry completely. After the flowering season, a light prune will help maintain their shape and encourage healthy growth.

At Love plants we have over 10,000 varieties of plants which may take your fancy. From incorporating shrubs to add garden boundaries, to our summer bulb packs which can help create plenty of colour for your garden. We have something to suit everyone, whether you are an avid gardener, or prefer a low maintenance garden.

Explore the beauty of camellias and discover what’s new instore!

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