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Add simple elegance with shrubs

Offering long-term structure and elegance, shrubs can be considered the backbone to any garden. From attractive foliage to vibrant flowers and fruits, there’s a shrub for every style and season. They might even give way for garden wildlife, providing shelter and food for a variety of animals.


Colour and shapes in all sizes

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a pop of colour to your garden, shrubs are the perfect solution. With a range of flower colours, petal sizes and much more available, shrubs are a low maintenance way to decorate your garden. When choosing a shrub, think about where in your garden it will be planted and the size it will grow to.


Popular species

At LovePlants we stock an extensive variety of full hardy deciduous and evergreen shrubs in a range of sizes. No matter your garden size, design or budget; we have a range of traditional garden favourites and unusual shrubs to add character, colour and vibrance to your garden.


A popular flowering shrub, there are a multitude of rhododendron species to choose from to fit your garden size and design.


A much-loved, deciduous hardy shrub, the hydrangeas impressive flower heads can range from cone shapes to the recognisable round shapes.


Along with having many culinary uses, lavender makes a wonderful addition to garden borders, providing gorgeous colours from early summer into autumn.


Fragrant and evergreen, rosemary is a culinary herb that doubles as a perfect bordering plant. Producing pleasant foliage and purple flowers in the spring.


A popular, easy to grow shrub, choisya has textural leaves and gorgeous spring flowers to provide interest all year round.


Also known as the butterfly bush, the buddleja is a favourite source for butterflies with their spectacular blooms. They are a great addition to any outdoor space.


An upright shrub that bears large flowers from mid-summer onwards, lavatera is best grown against a wall in shadier areas.


Displaying colourful foliage throughout the year, photinia shrubs produce clusters of white flowers and even red berries! Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your garden.


What you need to know


It’s important that you water your shrubs well for them to thrive. Plan to water them once a week and as the months turn colder, water before the weather turns frosty.


Once you’ve planted new shrubs, you shouldn’t feed them with fertilizer straight away. Instead, mix you soil with compost to enrich it with nutrients.

Pest Control

Shrubs are susceptible to pests which can be hard to maintain. Keep an eye out for any pests or insects and visit the plant centre for guidance on how to treat.

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