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Create a calming, serene space

By implementing bamboos, grasses, and ferns you can add amazing texture and decoration into your garden. Bamboo is often misunderstood as a tree or shrub, but it is actually a member of the grass family. Ornamental grasses are very easy to maintain, as are ferns which can grow easily within tricky, shady areas of the garden.


Create ornamental focal points

Add some height, texture, and movement into your outdoor space with Bamboo. Advertising bold upright canes that come in shades of green, blue, yellow, and even black. Reaching upwards of 16ft, Bamboo thrives in the sunlight, with some species spreading across the soil as they grow.


Year-round foliage

Requiring very little care and attention, ferns are highly versatile plants. They feature intricate foliage which thrive in dappled shade, making them great as backdrops to brighter coloured plants. Ferns are ideal if you are looking to add a fresh woodland feel to your garden.


Featuring a graceful and exotic appearance, fargesia bamboo maintains a bushy growth habit and will create an interesting and alluring garden focal point.


Ideal for creating a dense hedge or screen, phyllostachys bamboo is fast-growing, with some varieties extending up to 8 meters tall.


Also known as arrow bamboo, Pseudosasa produces heavy and glossy arching leaves, adding a jungle atmosphere to any garden.

Evergreen Grasses

Retaining their leaves all year round, evergreen grasses provide a permanent structure and texture to borders and containers.


Mostly known for their long, thin, and stiff foliage, calamagrostis grasses will also produce feathery flower plumes towards the end of the year.

Pampas Grasses

An eye-catching ornamental grass, pampas has large, feathery plumes that are placed above evergreen foliage. Tolerant of most weathers, pampas are easy to grow.


Featuring wispy yellow-green foliage and silver-green flowers, stipa is a beautiful semi-evergreen ornamental grass. These are great for containers, as well as low maintenance flower beds.


A beautiful decorative fern, athyrium is great for livening up a shady spot in your outdoor space.


An unusual evergreen fern, cyrtomium features segmented leaves that thrive in either full or partial shade.


Commonly known as a wood fern, dryopteris are easy to grow and will add interesting structure to your garden and they unfurl their foliage in the spring.


What you need to know


Bamboo can grow quite fast so when choosing the type of bamboo for your garden – and your intended space – think about spreading these and planting in large containers.


When selecting an ornamental grass, think about whether you are intending for it to be as a single specimen or grouped with other plants when choosing a species.


Ferns can provide your garden with gorgeous green accents but as they grow well in the shade, they’re also a great way to liven up dark areas and corners.

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