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Liven up your space with climbers

Climber plants are a fantastic way to liven up any dull walls, fences, or supports throughout your garden. With so many different options available, climbers can be large and strong or neat and compact, suitable for all locations. They even make your home more energy efficient, providing an extra layer of insulation!


Highly versatile foliage

When choosing a climber for your garden, it’s important that you firstly look at the eventual height and width of the plant in relation to the space in which it will be planted. Your space needs to be able to accommodate for the plant so ensure any trees or plants it will grow up will be strong enough to support your climber.


Popular species

We stock an extensive selection on clematis, known as the ‘Queen of Climbers’, which allows our customers to have a climber in bloom in their garden no matter the time of the year. From the late winter, early flowering clematis cirrhossa, through to the late summer, Autumn flowering clematis viticella varities.


Among the most popular and beautiful flowering vines, Clematis plants include deciduous and evergreen varieties, blooming throughout the year.


Grown for their fragrance, foliage, and stunning flowers, honeysuckle commonly has thin stems that twine around supports with green leaves.


Available in a variety of species, jasmine can be summer or winter flowering. All featuring star-shaped blooms with a sweet and distinctive fragrance.


Admired for their exotic looking flowers during the summer, passionflowers can range from loving the heat to preferring a shady garden border.

Virginia Creeper

A fast-growing climbing vine, the Virginia creeper sports green foliage in the summer and beautiful autumnal colours later in the year, a great addition to any garden.


A robust plant that needs regular pruning, the wisteria is well worth the effort needed. Producing gorgeous mauve or white flowers in spring, this climber looks amazing on the front of a house.


An easy to grow climber, ivy plants can cling to almost any surface, thriving mostly in shady areas with a low amount of maintenance.

Climbing Hydrangea

Featuring large, unique white flowers and charming foliage, climbing hydrangeas are great for the exterior of houses or covering up fences.


What you need to know


When potting new climbers, ensure you water them regularly for their first season to support their growth.


Keep an eye on any supports your climbers are connected to, to ensure they can support your climber, as it continues to grow.


Not all climbers have the same needs when it comes to soil. Some types prefer soil with clay or stony material, whereas others thrive in any soil condition.

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