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Natural versatility with conifers

Mostly featuring evergreen trees, conifers are cone-bearing, woody seed plants that are most noticeable by their conical shapes. Ranging from long, thin needle-like leaves to broad, flat shaped foliage, conifers are a great way to add shape and colour to your garden. They are also quite easy to look after!


Easy to maintain plants

When considering adding a conifer to your garden, think about where it will be placed – finding the right conifer for its intended location is key. Investigate the eventual height and width of the conifer as some tall conifers may continue to grow – even when they’ve reached your preferred height. To keep on top of it, we recommend regular pruning of your conifer.


Popular species

Conifers are a great addition to any garden as they’re so versatile and evergreen, meaning you can enjoy them season to season. We stock a wide range of conifers at LovePlants from dwarf sized species upwards and a collection of conifers that can be used as hedging, statement plants or as a green backdrop.


A lush evergreen confider, cupressus’ are ideal for hedging as they feature a solid, upright form that can grow up to 12 meters!


Timeless woodland staples, spruce trees can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the dwarf species being more suitable for garden environments.


One of the best-known conifer trees, pines are closely linked to mountain landscapes or woodlands. From shades of green to gold, smaller pines create a clean, professional look.


Excellent for brightening up a winter garden, junipers are small, narrow, evergreen conifers. They are great for attracting birds and other wildlife to your outdoor space.


A favourite for squirrels and birds, a larch conifer can grow up to 30 meters tall, but the smaller sizes are mainly used for its ornamental globe shape.

Dwarf Conifers

The most ideal conifers for smaller gardens as they take up much less space, dwarf conifers can be grown in containers, or to create a featured focal point.


What you need to know

Wind protection

During windier times of the year, if you have tall conifers, it’s advisable to stake them. This will help reduce damage and keep them upright.


Conifers don’t typically require much feeding but if you feel it is dulling in colour or browning, some feed is recommended.


When planting your conifer, mulch around the root. This will help keep the roots cool during the warmer months – and keep them warm during the winter.

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