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Enjoy home grown produce with a kitchen garden

There’s nothing better than knowing the produce you eat day to day is homegrown, straight from your back garden. Whether they’re in a raised bed, pot, or straight from the seed, homegrown produce tends to be healthier and might even cut down on your weekly shop! We have a wide variety of plants that are suited to a kitchen garden.


Our Expertise

If you’re looking to start your own kitchen garden, it’s important to consider maintenance with product pay-off. Look at plants that don’t require a lot of space but will yield a high volume of crops – these types of plants may be high maintenance, but the pay-off will be worth your trouble! Also consider what you will do with your grown produce – are you planning to enjoy it all at home or maybe you have friends and family who will have some of your produce. This way you can enjoy growing your kitchen garden and not be worried of any waste.


Popular species

We offer a wide variety of fruit trees, year-round herbs, and seasonal vegetable seedling strips. We also offer espalier trained fruit frees and step-over fruit trees that are perfect for allotments or smaller spaces. Red and white onions, shallots and garlic set are available at the plant centre, in addition to seed potatoes and an extensive selection of vegetable seeds.

Nut Trees

Making for an attractive feature, we have a range of nut trees that offer crops from late summer to early autumn.


Incredibly easy to grow, strawberry plants generally don’t take up a lot of space, so are great for containers and hanging baskets.


As well as producing delicious fruit, blueberry plants also offer attractive spring flowers and foliage in the autumn.


Featuring large leaves and pink, red, and green stalks, rhubarb plants are easy to grow and usually picked in spring.


A household staple in the UK, potatoes are usually planted in the springtime and harvested in the autumn.

Onion & Shallot

Onions and shallots are low maintenance and great for beginner gardeners. Taking up a small space, they’re great for filling up gaps in your kitchen garden.


A basic ingredient in kitchens, garlic plants love to grow in warm sunny spots and are developed from cloves.

Vegetable & Herb Seedlings

We have a range of vegetable and herb seedlings, each with individual seasonal requirements, you can have fresh produce at the ready throughout the year.


What you need to know


Regular watering is key to ensuring your kitchen garden thrives.


If you’re growing fruit and veg from seeds, remove excess seedlings to promote growth.


It’s important your plants aren’t fighting for food and water so keep on top of weeds.

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