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Add classic beauty with roses

One of the most recognisable plants, roses are a classic addition that can fit any style of garden. Flowering profusely from the early summer season in a wide variety of colours from pastel pink to crimson red; many of these offer gorgeous fragrances, ranging in size from traditional shrubs to smaller patio plants.


A rose by any other name…

With over 300 species available, it can be hard to know which type to select for your garden. When choosing one, consider the type of fragrance you wish to have (not all roses smell the same!) and the bloom type – whether you want single, semi-double or double roses. Also consider the space in which they will be planted in relation to the growth habit or your preferred rose specie.


Popular species

At LovePlants you’ll find a rose for every occasion and aspect. From special celebration, ramblers and patio roses to floribunda and species roses. Not sure what type is best for your garden? Visit the Plant Centre to talk to our knowledgeable team who’ll be more than happy to help.

Rambler Roses

Perfect for covering a pergola or even growing into a large tree, ramblers need strong support when growing large clusters of small, fragrant flowers.

Patio Roses

Ideal for smaller containers as they will only grow up to 60cm tall, the patio will flower for the whole summer and are overall easy to look after.

Shrub Roses

Usually featuring the ‘old rose’ look, shrub roses are most suited in a wild garden or as informal hedging. Producing flowers from summer to autumn.

Floribunda Roses

Almost bushy in shape, floribundas produce masses of flowers throughout the summer and are most suited to a larger patio container or garden border.

Ground-cover Roses

A great option for brightening up bare ground between plants, ground-cover roses produce an abundance of flowers in the smallest of places.

Species Roses

Commonly found in nature, species roses have a ruggedness that allows them for thrive where other species can’t. Blooming just once a season, they also offer colourful hips.


What you need to know


To get the most from your roses, its important you plant them at the right time of the year. Roses are best planted in springtime so they can establish their roots before winter.


To keep them blooming, roses need to be fertilised regularly to provide a regular supply of nutrients. Apply compost regularly as part of your maintenance.


Throughout the growing season, it’s important to keep your soil moist – the overall volume of water needed will be dependent on your soil and chosen specie.

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