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Make a statement with topiary

Historically used from the early Roman gardens to present day, topiary is the art of training and shaping plants to grow into intricate forms and designs. Evergreen plants are traditionally used as they are known to retain permanent features throughout the seasons, adding a speciality piece into your garden.


Wide varieties available

There are a wide range of species to choose from when selecting a topiary for your garden. From the hardiness of the plant, the shape in which it will grow – and how large it will grow to be. When choosing a specie, consider what it will be planted with, and how it will work as your overall design. Need some help? Our knowledgeable team can help you find the best type for your space.


Popular species

At LovePlants we stock a large topiary selection, with a choice of shapes (cones, clouds, spirals, pyramids, standard lollipops, and balls) and sizes to suit all spaces, tastes and budgets. We provide topiary in the traditional box and yew, ilex (box leaved holly) and thuja.


Commonly used for formal hedging or topiary, box plants are dense, small-leaved, and evergreen, featuring dark green foliage. A slow growing plant, they can thrive in both sunny and shady spots.


A long-living variety, the yew is excellent for creating very defined shapes, due to its tight growth patterns.


A substitute for the box topiary, Ilex plants are more resistant to problems such as pests and disease. Featuring glossy, dark green leaves that can be easily shaped as topiary.


Most popular for hedging, thujas are a coniferous plant that is easily maintained. Also creating a great habitat for birds, Thujas are ideal for bordering or framing a garden.


What you need to know


For the first two weeks after planting, it’s important to water your topiary daily to establish roots. As it matures, this can reduce to every few days and weeks.


During the winter months, mulching is recommended to promote moisture and create an insulation layer to keep your roots warm.


As topiary plants are a very decorative plant, it’s important to maintain a good pruning routine to help maintain the shape. This is also important for good air circulation.

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