Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…’

Create a sparkle on the patio for Christmas cheer. Choose a potted root balled or container grown Christmas tree that you can pot on each year or plant it in your garden, staff will be able to help you choose one that suit your requirements and advise you how to pot it on or plant it.


Or choose a ready cut tree for indoors or out, they come in several different heights without roots and often already with a slice of wood on the bottom to stand them upright.  At the Love Plants centre you can can choose from a large range of sizes, staff are on hand to help you make that choice, net your tree ready for you to take home; and they will be happy to carry your tree to your vehicle or arrange delivery for you.

Top favourite Christmas tree varieties:-

  • Abies Nordmanniana (Caucasian Fir) an evergreen, densely branched and broadly pyramidal fir; retaining its branches almost to the ground, even in old age. A popular fir chosen as a Christmas tree for its fantastic needle holding ability, especially if kept watered and away from direct sources of heat.  Its tiered branches of soft green foliage are perfect for displaying large and decorative baubles.
  • Picea abies subsp. abies (Norway Spruce) a conical evergreen conifer with sweeping, curved branches that can grow up to 65m. The Norway spruce was introduced into the UK from Scandinavia in the 16th It is familiar to us all as the ‘original’ Christmas tree.
  • Abies procera/ Abies Nobilis (Noble Fir), a western North American fir also known as the red fir or Christmas tree. In the wild the trees are tall, beautifully symmetrical and grow to over 200ft.  Considered to be one of the most handsome trees, with its lovely blue/green foliage and pleasant fragrance, the noble fir has good needle holding properties.  It is often a popular choice because of the open branching and great shape ideal for showing off larger decorations, the stiff branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments.
  • Abies Fraserii (Fraser Fir) widely regarded as the best Christmas tree species in nature. The Fraser originates from Canada and North America.  It has excellent needle retention with dense blue-green growth and a rich pine scent.  Fraser firs grow tall and slim, so are an excellent choice for narrow spaces.


Cut Christmas trees from £22

Pot grown Christmas trees from £26