Christmas Wreath

Have you ever considered where our Christmas traditions came from?

Approximately 85% of adults in the UK put up a tree in their household every year, but very few of them will know how this famous tradition links to the birth of Christ over two thousand years ago.

The Christmas Tree is generally credited as being started by the Germans in the 16th century. In this new custom of bringing evergreens home for the winter, trees would be cut into the triangular shape that we tend to see today. They do this for two reasons: the triangular shape represents the trinity of God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Ghost. The other is to make the tree aesthetically pleasing within the family home.

Rather than dispose of the trimmings from the trees, the greenery would be recycled into a circular shape in what would be known as the first advent wreaths. The shape was always circular shape would represent God’s infinite love and the hope of eternal life brought by Jesus Christ. While in some ways Christmas wreaths appear very similar to how they were 400 years ago, there are several varieties available today, some of which we have available at our plant centre as Christmas gifts.

Many people enjoy a dried Christmas wreath which can be used every year and incorporates dried fruit and pine cones. There are wreaths which incorporate dried fruit and pine cones.

Others prefer fresh wreaths which feature holly, berries and living greenery.

Others may prefer plain wreaths which provide plenty of scope to make your own personal floral display that can be iconic and beautiful.

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Happy Christmas.!