Roses for summer fragrance and colour

Sensuous roses confirm the presence of early summer. The variation in fragrance and the brilliance of their blooms create a magical atmosphere in the garden. Roses contribute scent, form and colour and can easily be incorporated into any garden scheme.

English shrub rose – A comparatively recent introduction, include many which have rapidly established themselves as firm favourites and are happily, widely grown.

Old shrub roses – Gallica, Damask, Alba, Centifolia and Moss, these are the roses of history, the forerunners of today’s garden shrub roses. Richly scented, magnificent blooms with lax growth, giving the garden an air of maturity.

Modern Bush Roses – For sheer brilliance of bloom, for innovative colour, for massed display, the modern bush rose will satisfy all such demands and more besides. Included in this group are the Hybrid Teas, the most popular of all garden roses, multi-flowered Floribundas, and an extensive range of miniature and Patio roses, many ideal for small gardens or pots.

Miniature and Patio roses – Are suitable for today’s smaller gardens and are reliably hardy.

Climbing and Rambler Roses – Cascading from mature trees, draping arches and pergolas, or clothing ancient walls, even covering an unsightly shed, the Climbing and Rambling roses may be put to endless use. Combine them with a complementory clematis for an eye-catching diplay of colour and interest over the summer period. Choose from soft, pastel shades, vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows or cooling creams and whites.

Some confusion arises over the terms climbing and rambler. Essentially the difference is simple, Climbing roses possess larger flowers than those to be found on ramblers, more closely resembling those of other garden roses. Generally they are likely to repeat their flowering whereas the ramblers flower mainly once only. The stems of climbing roses are stiff and are generally retained as a framework whilst ramblers have lax stems; those which have borne flowers are cut back to ground level after flowering in August. Train and tie in new shoots as they develop; feed and mulch following pruning.


Top 8 Roses

English shrub rose

Rosa Jaques Cartier (Portland Shrub Rose) – A reliable shrub rose going back 150 years, named after a famous French sailor and explorer of the 16th century. Fully double, deep rose pink flowers with a strong, sweet scent. It produces flowers abundantly throughout the summer and autumn; the blooms stand up well to rain. Happy in full sun, height 120cm (4’), spread 90cm (3’).


Old shrub rose

Rosa gallica var. Officianalis (Red Rose of Lancaster or The Apothecary’s Rose) – a healthy and robust small shrub rose that can be relied on to provide interest and color. Large, semi-double, fuchsia and a pure Old Rose scent with hips in autumn. Height 1.2m x spread 1.2m (Height 4’ x spread 4’.)


Modern Bush rose

Rosa ‘Just Joey’ is a repeat flowering, very fragrant Hybrid Tea rose. Ruffled blooms of a coppery orange are produced throughtout the summer and autumn. A rose with good disease resistance. Height 75cm (2’ 6”).

Rosa ‘Smiling Eyes’ (a persica type rose and floribunda) is a small, neat shrub bearing a mass of single apricot blooms with a distinct central red blotch. Repeat flowering continously from summer to late autum. Gold Standard award winner in 2016. Highly disease resistant, grows well in a container and is perfect to attract pollinators. Height and spread 90cm (3’) x 90cm (3’).

Rosa Just Joey

Rosa Just Joey


Patio rose

Rosa ‘Raspberry Royal’ a hardy patio floribunda rose that produces masses of weather resistant rich-red flowers. Compact and lightly fragrant, ideal for small spaces. Choose an open sunny position at the front of a border or in a patio container.  Grows up to 45cm (18”).



Rosa ‘Albertine’ is a large and vigorous rambling rose, perfect for training over an arch or pergola or a large sunny expanse of wall. A reliable variety of fragrant, light salmon-pink flowers in June and July. The strongly scented flowers make good cut flowers. Grows up to 5m (16’).



Rosa ‘Laura Ford’ a compact climber bearing clusters of small, loosely double flowers; bright yellow at first, becoming lemon-yellow, edged pink from early summer through until late autumn. Repeat flowering, slightly fragrant and excellent disease resistance. The flowers are borne over the height of the plant and repeat flower well followed by small orange hips. Perfect for any patio space, height 2.5m (8’) spread 90cm (3’).

Rosa ‘Golden Showers’ is a yellow, repeat-flowering climbing rose with large, sweetly fragrant, semi-double, golden-yellow blooms fading to lemon and eventually cream. Flowering through the summer and into autumn, Rosa ‘Golden Showers’ is a compact climber, ideal for smaller spaces; grows in sun or light shade. Height 3m (10’).

Rosa Golden Showers

Rosa Golden Showers