Summer bedding will give weeks of Summer colour

summer bedding

Plan for your summer bedding plants


Fill the gaps in your borders with bedding plants such as Pansies, Violas, Angelonia, Nemesia, Verbena, Dianthus and Chrysanthemums. If you have a sunny spot plant some brightly coloured Gazanias.

For containers and pots that are still empty add some Geranium Fireworks or variegated Geraniums with coloured leaves to brighten up your patio. Try the new Climbing Geranium Antik in Scarlet, Pink or Orange.

Add Agryanthemums in pastel colours, Fuchsias in bright pinks and purples and Zinnias in bright yellow. Use Coleus with Dark leaves as a contrast to all these bright flowers. If you like dark leaves Begonia Glowing Embers with orange flowers or Begonia Dark Elegance with bright red flowers look stunning in a pot on their own

Use smaller 9cm pots of bedding plants to trail in hanging baskets or around the edge of containers and pots. Such as Felicia, Bidens, Fuchsia, Diascia, Petunias, Lysmachia, Plectranthus or Cuphea with their little red and black mouse-like flowers.

To keep your bedding plants, hanging baskets and containers and pots looking good water them and dead head them every day and feed them once a week.